oh really?

So, you hate my nephew?  You just came right out and said that to my face?  You hate him because he’s “a geek and what’s with the wanting to sleep all the time?”.  Yeah, he’s been a bit annoying in the past, but he’s a teenager, and he’s WAY better behaved than when he was a child.  And you’re just as much a geek as he is.  And I saw him cuddled up on the couch for about 5 minutes…and he wasn’t asleep.  I think he was just comfortable.

And, isn’t he YOUR nephew also?  Hate?  Really?  Isn’t that a strong word?



coworkers and facebook

A few months ago, facebook gave me a notification saying Jennifer (a co-worker and facebook friend) said that I work with her at USPS and would I like to add USPS to my employment/work history?  She and I have had a conversation about this in the past, about how I don’t put work information on facebook, because you just never know who’s ‘watching’ on the corporate ladder.  So, I very casually asked her about it the next day.  Honestly, I walked up to her and immediately felt a wall go up, from her.  Now, she’s a VERY confrontational, loud, opinionated, harsh person…but I started off with, “Hey, what’s up with facebook?  It gave me a notification that you told it I worked with you and you know how I feel about that stuff…”  She, a bit loudly, says, “Facebook LIES about that stuff.  I did not tell facebook ANYTHING.”  Me:  “Okay, well…it said you and Ann (it actually did but it showed that Ann had done this long ago and I hadn’t seen the notification, damn it!) said I was a co-worker and it wanted me to add USPS as my employer…and I just don’t put employers on facebook, you know why.”  She comes back with, “I did not!  And I don’t put that stuff in my profile either.”  I’m not really shocked that she lied about doing it, but she was SO DAMN DEFENSIVE.  Anyway, I thought I’d seen her employer as USPS on her profile, so I looked, and sure enough…plain as day.  USPS Rural carrier on her profile.  So, she lied about the notification, and she lied about what’s on her profile.  Not really a big deal since I don’t hang out with her outside of work or anything…but there’s a certain amount of respect you have for co-workers, especially when you’ve had the conversation about Big Brother.

Yesterday, I asked her if I could have her cart after she was done with it.  She said that Susie wanted it.  I told her I had talked to Susie and Susie didn’t need it anymore.  She gave me a doubtful look.  Never has she done that kind of shit before.  She said Susie needed it to give to Nancy.  I said, “I know, but I just talked to both of them and they said they didn’t need it anymore.  I don’t know what the arrangement was, but they have all their carts and said I could have this one.”  She mumbled ‘okay’.  Well, what do you know, when she was done with the cart, it just disappeared.  She didn’t push it inside (she usually leaves it on the dock), and she didn’t push it back over to me.  She gave it to someone else.  Not Susie or Nancy, because they didn’t need it.  Jesus Christ!  All I did was ask her about the facebook thing.  Now, she’s passively aggressively hostile.  She can’t just say she made a mistake?  I’m not expecting an apology, but I’m expecting decency, ya know?

Off to put co-workers on the ‘Restricted’ list…it’s just easier to keep them separate from real, true friends.


So, I got bingo’d at my husband’s extended family Christmas Dirty Santa party, by a guy his cousin his married to.  Cousin’s child was doing something, cute or ornery I have no idea because I was not not paying attention to it, and the cousin’s husband looks at my husband and me and says, “See what ya’ll are missing out on?”  Uggh.  Dude.  Keep it to yourself.  You have no idea the can of worms you just opened.  I was hoping for an apology later because this guy has always been a nice, decent, friendly guy…but no dice.  I just kind of looked away, and so did my husband.  Uggh, just uggh.  Just because you have 4 children and enjoy children does not mean that I am missing out on ANYTHING.  

Got the battery cable connection stuff fixed on the station wagon, and it only cost 10 bucks!

Nearly done with Christmas shopping.  Completely forgot Mom’s iTunes card while I was out.

I need to get dog food.  Perhaps tomorrow after work. 

Also, need spinach dip ingredients for my family’s party.  Grammy loves it.  But, what else to bring?

House still a mess.

Fitbit is picking up too many steps while I drive and work the mail route.  Not sure what to do.

Anchorman 2 was hilarious up to a certain point…then it jumped the shark.




Spotify has Led Zeppelin tunes now!

My husband gave me an early Christmas present last night, a FitBit!  It charged last night and today I wore it.  I got most of the 10,000 daily goal steps in without much effort.  A few laps around the living room and 5 minutes on the treadmill did it.  I’m going to try to get into the challenges and compete on the forums with Fitbit friends.  I’m hoping this will be good motivation.

More car trouble today.  Shitty battery cables.  There’s no way I was gonna pop the hood and jiggle the battery cable EVERY time I got out to deliver a package.  I don’t even want to look at the thing, and it will probably be Tuesday before I can take it anywhere for new cables.

Take your check to the bank!

Shred some shit tomorrow.


Shopping today, lots of shopping.  Work tried to call me in.  Squat routine last night, a few sad push-ups tonight.  Scale was better this morning, but visually still now what I want.  I saw a picture of me taken today and blah.  Just blah. 

Thinking about a 90-day challenge and a schedule of workouts…will contemplate tomorrow as I drive.  Hair color at 4:00 might cheer me up.  Will work let me out in time to go?

Rambling on…

“There’s nothing more that I can say but on a day like today, I pass the time away and walk a quiet mile with you.”  ~ Led Zeppelin’s ‘Out on the Tiles’ from Led Zeppelin’s III

Lately, I’ve had too much stuff in my head.  I used to write/blog over at myspace YEARS ago, but got out of the habit.  Facebook came along, and while it has a feature to write longer posts…I just don’t…and then relatives joined facebook and just, no.  A few friends always enjoyed my writing and encouraged me to continue, but it was mostly a way to dumptruck my head.

It’s been a tough few weeks.  Actually the year has been rough.  I lost my father-in-law in March, had to put my black cat (Jasper, love of my life) down, had surgery (which was and is a whole other life-altering mega-ordeal for me)  on July 18th, lost my grandfather-in law, and then my other cat (Mickey Blue Eyes, a pain in the ass, but he was beautiful) died.  Right now, I’m annoyed with my weight.  I’m not overweight, but I am out of shape and things just don’t fit me well.  I have a sugar addiction that needs to end.  I started the year with the C25K program, and I ran til the end of April.  I quit because I hate it.  I mean HATE it…with a side of laziness.  But, I need to do something again.  I’m also annoyed at the state of my home.  I need to go through mounds of paperwork, and everything needs a good scrub.  I’m hosting a party in early January, and this will motivate me to de-clutter, file paperwork, shred old documents/junk mail, and clean carpets.  I would also like to paint some rooms, but that’s probably the farthest thing down the list.  In April (actually I need to check the date), I have a themed party/fundraiser to attend, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to rock that dress I bought.  That dress will motivate me to get a decent tan (which I never bother with, but just this once I think I will) and toned arms and legs.  I was so envious of Mercy last year being the ‘Cigar Girl’…oh, how I’d love to play that role.  After a few drinks, of course.  I’m quite shy, but with a few drinks, I can play a role much easier.

Every December I do this….I start thinking ahead about the new year and a new way to be  (neater, more fit, more organized, more talented).  Last December I decided to start running (see previous paragraph) and to learn knitting.  I still knit, although I’m still very beginner-ish.  Maybe for the new year I will concentrate on fitness, try to learn the guitar or the piano, and work on a new wardrobe.  (I love jeans and tee-shirts, but I’m learning that people really do judge appearances…and while that totally sucks and isn’t fair, it’s just the cold hard truth.  I need to coordinate and accessorize more, too.)

Enough of looking forward for the moment.  Presently, I have a vehicle in the shop, again, I cannot fit into my jeans, and I have an elderly dog.  All these things bring me down.  I’m generally an upbeat person and simple things make me happy.  I’m just a little stressed at work during this busy season.  I weigh the same, why do my jeans not fit?  Re-distribution of weight?  I can’t fit into my jeans, yet here I am drinking ‘the coffee’ (which is sugar, ice cream, milk, and creamer).  I cannot avoid vehicle maintenance and I cannot roll back time for my lovely dog.  I can sip coffee, however…and I can write.  And it was SO DIFFICULT to find a username which was not taken.

Anyway, immdiate goals:  step up the squat routine, start the bicep workout, and get on the treadmill.  Also, shred some old crap paperwork.